OITNB cast with their character posters





can’t this show just be nothing but data training cats

My favorite thing is his cat’s name is Spot.

He named a striped tabby Spot.

I remember when they have to crash the Enterprise, and Data’s looking for Spot in the wreckage.

I have never given a shit so much about a fictional cat and his android master. Tears were prepared and everything.


Color Palettes + Books 1 & 2

mako could literally murder korra and this fandom will still defend him saying he’s “just a little misunderstood baby” and he “made a mistake so get over it” like jfc

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You want everyone to be happy. Is that wrong? No, Clark. It’s just unusual.
Superman: Brainiac 


If you claim to be a feminist and you shame girls for wanting to do traditional things like take their husband’s last name or be a house wife then you are doing it all completely wrong.

Feminism isn’t an elite group who defeats gender norms, it’s a group who accepts ALL women’s choices.